On Demand Migration for Email

Fast Office 365 and email migration with zero footprint

Securely migrate user data to Office 365 without software installation

On Demand Migration for Email enables you to securely migrate users and data to Office 365 (Exchange Online), on-premises Exchange or hosted Exchange platforms without installing or maintaining migration software. Simultaneously migrate multiple users from a single console, securely moving email, calendars and folders. Quickly filter out unwanted data to reduce migration time with this easy-to-use Office 365 migration tool.


Supported platforms

  • Source: Exchange, Gmail, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, POP/IMAP, Office 365, Sun ONE/iPlanet, Zimbra
  • Target: Office 365 (Exchange Online), On-premises Exchange, Hosted Exchange

For more specific version details, please see product documentation.



  • Zero footprint – Provides all the migration benefits without requiring installation and maintenance of additional software using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture.
  • Simplified attachment management – Implements file collaboration and management best practices by automatically migrating attachments over any size you choose to OneDrive for Business with a link from the Exchange message for direct and easy access.
  • Label conversion – Ensures your organization an accurate migration because labelsare migrated as categories or folders while maintaining their nested structure.
  • Contextual help – Provides in-line videos and help based on current location and activity to assist with a smooth and simple migration process.
  • De-duplicator – Re-migrate data without creating duplicates using a phased migration approach.
  • Secure assure – Ensures the security of your organization’s proprietary and confidential data throughout the migration process.
  • Live logging – Enables you to monitor the progress of the migration, including current status and items that may warrant further investigation.
  • Intuitive management – Provides a consolidated access and control with real-time status of the entire migration.
  • Data filtering – Allows you to migrate only what you want, through the ability to filter calendar and email events by age or source  folder name.
  • Multi-threaded migration – Supports multiple, simultaneous migrations ensuring your project is completed on time.
  • Cloud-based forwarding – Provides automated mail routing updates in some scenarios to streamline the transition processes.
  • Personal archive migration – Supports personal archives on the source and target environments to preserve critical information and provide flexibility in managing historical content.



On Demand Migration for Email offers a free trial to evaluate the SaaS solution. Trial limitations per mailbox: 25 messages, 5 contacts, 25 appointments, and 5 tasks.

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On Demand Migration for Email

Take a tour of key functionality in On Demand Migration for Email interface to experience its capabilities and ease of use.

Take a Screenshot Tour


Quest OnDemand Migration for Email Dashboard Screen

Connect, identify mailboxes, select filters and move data from one console.


Quest OnDemand Migration for Email Connections Set-up

Specify the information and credentials and then validate your connection.


Quest OnDemand Migration for Email Upload Mailboxes

Specify which mailboxes to migrate with a list or directly in the console.


Quest OnDemand Migration for Email Select Options

Easily specify items to include in the migration or choose a date range.

Attachment management

Quest OnDemand Migration for Email Attachment management

Automatically migrate attachments of any size to OneDrive for Business.

Manage the migration

Quest OnDemand Migration for Email Manage the Migration

Access a real-time view of the entire migration project.