Output Manager Viewer

Report management solution that delivers instant access to information

Enable instant access to information via email, the LAN or the internet

Output Manager (OM) Viewer gives you immediate access to information via the Internet, LAN or email. This sophisticated report management solution eliminates the need for shipping, manual distribution, filing, paper, and printer maintenance, significantly reducing your costs. A report warehouse is added to any centralized MPE server on your network where reports may be uploaded. Your organization’s users can see reports online through a Windows- or character-based viewer. You can download specific report information to popular applications (e.g., Microsoft Excel), use powerful search utilities, and print documents through OM Viewer.


  • Saves on your organization’s paper, printing, locating, shipping and filing costs by providing paperless report warehousing, viewing, searching, and printing
  • Provides detailed report security and simplified folder administration to ensure that documents go where and when you want them to go
  • Eliminates the need for microfiche and other costly storage systems by archiving reports automatically
  • Provides you with easy access to multiple documents in various file formats on heterogeneous systems
  • Allows you to modify, add, or delete folders, users, reports, and security
  • Enables you to effectively manage spool files by integrating with NBSpool


  • Any HP 3000 computer with any HP-supported network
  • Additional HP-provided software required for some modules