Privileged Access Suite for Unix

Unix security and administration that's simplified and meets compliance requirements

Solve security and administration issues inherent in Unix-based systems while achieving compliance

Solve the security and administration issues inherent in Unix-based systems, while achieving compliance, using Privileged Access Suite for Unix. The suite consolidates and unifies Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X identities. It assigns individual accountability and allows centralized reporting, giving you and your users access to the systems. Privileged Access Suite for Unix also provides least privilege capabilities, ensuring that your administrators can only access what they need in order to perform their jobs.

The all-in-one suite for Unix security combines Active Directory bridge and root-delegation solutions under a unified console. This gives your organization centralized visibility and more efficient administration of access rights and identities across your entire Unix environment.



  • Consolidated identities – Consolidate Unix accounts with role-based access managed centrally through Active Directory and one AD identity to simplify identity management.
  • Least-privilege access – Protect your organization by granting administrators only sufficient rights necessary to perform their responsibilities.
  • Centralized management and administration – Enforce unified access policies and centrally configure them across your entire Unix environment.
  • Sudo reporting – Solve the challenge of reporting on sudo access rights. With no change to how end users operate, there is no new training required, simplifying access reporting for auditing and meeting compliance requirements.
  • 360-degree visibility – Use a single console to deliver integrated, comprehensive control and visibility into Unix/Linux activities. Gain an understanding of an access policy’s contents, when it was applied and who created it. Get centralized reporting on individual access rights across sudo, as well as an enterprise delegation solution tied to user account data in Active Directory.
  • Trust but verify – Gain visibility and accountability into rights and activities required to satisfy security and compliance demands. Get audit capabilities, such as rights reporting and history, policy reporting, and keystroke logging, as well as change tracking and rollback.
  • Single sign-on – Achieve “true” single sign-on for the total Unix, Mac OS X and Linux environment, in addition to key standards-based applications, including Siebel, SAP, and others.