Privileged Session Manager

Privileged session management solution that simplifies control and recording of privileged access

Control and record privileged access while meeting auditing and compliance requirements

Privileged Session Manager enables you to issue privileged access, while meeting auditing and compliance requirements. Privileged Session Manager is deployed on a secure, hardened appliance and allows you to grant access to administrators, remote vendors and high-risk users for a specific period or session, with full recording and replay for auditing and compliance. It gives you a single point of control to authorize connections, view active connections and limit access to specific commands and resources, as well as record all activity, alert if connections exceed pre-set time limits, and terminate connections.


Control access – Enables your authorized users to connect through a secure web browser to request a session on specific resources or through specific administrative accounts. It permits users to view only the specific resources to which they are authorized to request access. You can achieve enhanced control and compliance by configuring the connection for authorization workflow.

Proxy access – Protects your enterprise against any viruses, malware or other dangerous items that may exist on the user’s system because it proxies all sessions to target resources with no direct access to resources by the user; proxies and records Unix/Linux, AS/400, Windows, Web applications, firewalls, routers, network devices and more.

Command control – You can restrict specific commands during a session based on the user or the system. If the user attempts to execute a prohibited command, you can automatically notify a specific individual, kill the command, kill the login or kill the whole session.

Full session audit, recording and replay – Enables you to use DVR-like controls to record all session activity and use it later for forensics or compliance review. Recordings are compressed, minimizing your offline storage requirements.

EZ Replay – Allows you to search for specific events across sessions, and while viewing a session, add bookmarks to return to a specific point in that session at a later date.

Secure appliance – Safeguards your organization because it can only be accessed via a secure, role-based web interface that provides protection from host admin attacks, as well as database, OS or other system-level modifications.  It also features an internal firewall that protects against external network-based attacks and provides additional auditing capabilities.

Simple workflow – Allows your authorized users to select the resource or account they need to connect to from a list that shows only the items to which the user is approved to request access. The user specifies the reason for the request, the session’s expected duration, and, if required, a ticket number that can be integrated with your existing ticketing system.

Auto-login – Privileged Session Manager can be combined with Privileged Password Manager, enabling you to configure access for automatic login, which enhances security and compliance by not exposing the account credential to the user.

Privileged governance - Take the hassle out of governing privileged users by automating the process. Easily certify and approve that only users that should have access can request and gain privileged access. By integrating Identity Manager with Privileged Session Manager, users can request, provision and attest to privileged and general user access within the same console.