SharePoint backup

Manually or automatically recover SharePoint data across the enterprise

Performing enterprise SharePoint backups and restores for SharePoint can be cumbersome and manual-intensive. Although SharePoint content and most configuration settings are stored in SQL Server databases, there are no native tools for both granular content recovery and SQL server and database restoration. You’re forced to use multiple backup techniques that require large amounts of storage space. You also don’t have many options for recovering data across large, distributed environments.

But the good news is that you can reduce storage costs, improve productivity and perform granular and farm level restores with these two solutions:

LiteSpeed for SQL Server: Reduce storage costs and backup times, while maintaining complete control over the backup process with LiteSpeed’s low-impact, high-performance compression technology. LiteSpeed provides critical technology to streamline, compress and secure SharePoint content backups, since SharePoint’s back end is SQL Server.

Recovery Manager for SharePoint: Perform backups of SharePoint content and configuration databases using native SQL and SharePoint backups, as well fast and efficient LiteSpeed Engine for SQL. This tool provides granular and disaster level recovery of data for SharePoint 2003, 2007 and 2010. You can also restore items from full database backups created by Quest LiteSpeed for SQL Server, as well as other third party tools.

For a complete backup and recovery solution for SharePoint environments, choose these two innovative tools.