RemoteScan for LAN

Easily share a single document scanner with multiple users across the LAN

Easily share a single document scanner with multiple users across the LAN

RemoteScan™ for LAN gives you simple and secure desktop and network scanner connectivity. By enabling you to convert any scanner into a network device or LAN scanner, this stable and seamless software solution enables up to 100 PCs located anywhere on your network to share a single scanner.

For advanced LAN scanning capabilities through protocols or software running on vWorkspace, Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Session Host, VMware or Citrix servers, please see RemoteScan Enterprise or RemoteScan Universal.


  • Support for all scanners –  Software on the server will detect individual desktop scanners at remote locations as if they are locally attached, allowing you to share any number of desktop scanners on a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • TWAIN and WIA support – Supports all TWAIN- and WIA-compliant desktop scanners and imaging devices, including sheet feeder scanners high-end scanners, card scanners, ‘all-in-one’ devices, web cams, flatbed scanners, and digital cameras.
  • Lossless compression – Does not slow down your network traffic because it uses highly efficient, lossless compression for transmitting data.
  • Easy compliance with enterprise requirements – Provides compliance with your disparate desktop scanner makes and models with the RemoteScan ShareCamera and RemoteScan templates for auto-configuration of scanner resolutions and settings.
  • Customizable look and feel – Enables you to lock down desktop scanner settings, even among various brands and models. You can also secure DPI resolution and color settings for consistent results.
  • Universal software support - Works with all applications that can import from any camera or desktop scanner using TWAIN image acquisition, including Laserfiche, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word and Intuit QuickBooks, as well as custom applications. You can connect desktop scanners via parallel, Firewire SCSI or USB connections.
  • Multiple languages – Allows you to choose from versions in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, and Italian.
  • Easy to use – You can install the intuitive user interface in just five minutes.

Remotescan LAN


  • Any imaging device compliant to TWAIN or WIA (including webcams, radiology equipment, digital cameras, and more)
  • Fully supports and works perfectly with Windows® 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista.

Language supported:

  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • US English