Secure Copy


Secure Copy - Introduction

Secure Copy Introduction

Secure Copy is a powerful, comprehensive data migration project management solution that automates the copying of data between file servers without the use of agents or scripts. Whether you’re migrating from one server to another, consolidating file servers or moving to a NAS/SAN solution, you can easily copy files and folders, NTFS permissions, file shares, local users and groups, and compression settings.

Migrate — Test Job

Secure Copy Migrate

Validate network performance and estimate data migration time before the migration with Secure Copy Test Job.

Migrate — File Shares

Secure Copy Control

In addition to migrating basic files, Secure Copy provides the ability to migrate shares, permissions, users and groups. By migrating additional data, you will save time on creating file shares and ensure user and group permissions remain intact on the target server. In this screenshot, you can choose to recreate file shares from the source server to the target server.

Migrate — Permissions

Secure Copy Automate

Ensure that the target server(s) are permissioned in the exact same way as the source. Secure Copy recreates shares from the source server to the target server(s) with permissions intact, meaning your copied files will be safe and secure.

Migrate — Users and Groups

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Secure Copy will recreate local groups and users on the target server(s) only if local groups or users have explicit permissions on the data that is being migrated. This promotes a smooth migration and maintains the same security provisions as the source server. To ensure security, you can also set new passwords for migrated users.

Migrate — File System Statistics

Secure Copy Report

Secure Copy enumerates the number of folders and files to migrate for project planning and reduces security risks enabling you to copy system access control lists (SACLs) for auditing. Orphaned SIDs can also be removed from the target server.

Control — Filtering

Secure Copy Report

Secure Copy provides flexibility by giving you full, yet granular control over your migration projects. Shorten migration times by excluding non-essential files from migrating. Run jobs during normal business hours without impacting the network; Secure Copy can copy inaccessible files and migrate files that are locked by other processes. Above, filters let you control what gets migrated. You can exclude files by file type extension or include files that are critical. You can also add/delete custom filters, include/exclude folders, filter files by date range and size, and limit folder recursion depth.

Control — Multi-Threading

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Secure Copy lets you maximize copy performance by managing thread count, batch count and batch size. By adjusting these parameters, you can maximize your network bandwidth.

Control — Bandwidth Throttling

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When files are copied to the target server(s), they are copied 64 kilobytes at a time. Secure Copy allows you to slow down the copy process by waiting up to 1,000 milliseconds between each 64K packet. This is typically only necessary when copying over slow WAN links. Secure Copy reduces bandwidth usage over the network, which allows you to safely run jobs during business hours.

Control — Administrator Override

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For most projects, a user must have permissions on a file or folder to copy it. Avoid the hassle of taking ownership and setting permissions — Secure Copy will perform a copy without changing those attributes.

Control — Volume Shadow Copy

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Use the Volume Shadow copy option on local source paths to ensure open files are copied. You can migrate point-in-time copies of data that may be locked by other processes.

Automate — Scheduling

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Most data migrations are manual and prone to human error, inconsistency and frustration. Secure Copy removes the headache by automating your migrations. Scheduling allows migrations to occur during non-operation hours or whenever it is convenient. Secure Copy leverages Microsoft Task Scheduler to schedule jobs daily, weekly, monthly, once at system startup, at logon or when idle.

Automate — Synchronization

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Secure Copy keeps your source and target servers in sync during a phased migration. With support for full, differential and incremental copying, Secure Copy can migrate data between the source and target server(s) efficiently.

Automate — Importing

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Secure Copy enables you to create a new job quickly. Start by leveraging the options of a current job, and then import a .csv file with the new job name, its source path and target path.

Automate — Update Utilities

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A data migration isn’t complete until your users are pointing to the target server. Normally, someone would have to manually edit each user account in Active Directory. With Secure Copy’s Update Utilities, you can point home paths, profile paths and others to the new server with ease.

Automate — Pre/Post-Migration Tasks

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Data migrations can be a time-consuming exercise, especially if you have tasks to perform before and after the migration. Secure Copy reduces the manual effort by providing an automated way to run pre- and post-migration tasks.

Report — Reporting

Secure Copy Report

Confirm success or discover issues with Secure Copy’s post-migration reporting. Predefined reports show you details, verify proper migration of your data and help you deal with exceptions quickly and easily. Reports include: Summary, Skipped Files, Purged Files and Folders, Local Groups and Users, Errors, File Verification, License Information, Consoles Server List and Log Viewer.

Report — Jobs Logs

Secure Copy Report

Secure Copy provides insight into each job by providing information about individual files, skipped files, purged files and errors. The granular, detailed logging of each copy job’s file level ensures the right data is migrated successfully.

Report — Dashboards

Secure Copy Report

Dashboards give you a high-level, real-time look at “job speed” and “total data processed” for a specific file type within a particular job.

Report — Project Management

Secure Copy Report

Use post-migration statistics to help maintain the security and control needed in highly regulated environments. Secure Copy’s robust reporting is a proven tool for proving data integrity and ensuring a seamless migration.

Migrate your data the safe, fast and easy way

  • Migrate data with file security intact
  • Control how, what and when data is migrated
  • Automate complex, tedious and manual tasks
  • Report on job status, skipped files and more


Secure Copy is an automated solution for migrating data, shares, printers and more with security intact. It gives you the flexibility to control how data is migrated and doesn’t require the use of agents or scripts. Secure Copy enables you to migrate data from one server to another, consolidate file servers or move data to an NAS/SAN device, quickly, safely and easily. Unlike native tools, Secure Copy’s architecture dramatically shortens the time it takes to complete a migration. The solution also provides intuitive reporting that empowers you to manage data migration projects at any level of complexity.

Migrate data with file security intact

Migrate not only files, but “critical metadata that works behind the scenes,” including: files, folders, local users and groups, NTFS permissions, printers, shares, attributes, settings, ownership, updated SID history. Secure Copy also ensures that security and configurations on the target server match the source server.

Control how, what and when data is migrated

Control the data migration process at “every turn,” allowing the migration to work around the end user instead of the end user working around the data migration. To mitigate the risk of network downtime, you can control thread count with “multi-threading,” control bandwidth with “bandwidth throttling,” and overcome locked files with “administrator override.”

Automate complex, tedious and manual tasks

Automate complex, tedious pre- and post-migration tasks to shorten the time it takes to complete migration projects. The product also includes update utilities that allow you to update user and file information without having to update each user account in Active Directory.

Report on job status, skipped files and more

Manage data migration projects with a wide variety of reports, to ensure a job well done or catch a problem that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Secure Copy’s reports include copied files, failed jobs, migration analyses, skipped files and easy-to-scan dashboards.

Job status dashboard

Track job status with at-a-glance graphs and gauges, including performance, migration status by file type and more.

Post-migration reporting

Get post-migration statistics on migrated data, helping maintain the security and control needed even for highly regulated environments.


File & share security migration
Don’t just copy files — copy their permissions on files and even on file shares. Users retain exactly the access they had on the source file.
Local user and group migration
Have permissions assigned to a local user or group. Migrate those automatically to the destination, ensuring that permissions remain intact. Or, migrate local users and groups into Active Directory to consolidate your security.
File type and attribute filtering
Filter and exclude based on file type, last access time, last modification time and other file attributes and criteria. This way, you can skip migrating files that aren’t critical.
File attribute management
Maintain or set all file attributes, ensuring that “last access,” “last modified,” “archived” and other attributes remain intact on the destination. By maintaining attributes, your files will maintain consistency post migration.
Multi-threaded architecture
Drastically improve performance by copying files in parallel, especially when copying many smaller files. Maximize network throughput and be more efficient while cutting data migration times in half.
Bandwidth throttling
Run jobs during business hours with minimal production impact by intelligently throttling bandwidth utilization, even across low-bandwidth WAN links.
Inaccessible file copying
Copy even files to which you don’t have access by using Administrator Override. There’s no need to manually take ownership of files or change file access prior to the migration — just let Secure Copy handle it for you.
Open & locked file copying
Rely on Windows’ native Volume Shadow Copy Service to grab snapshots of open files, enabling you to migrate consistent point-in-time copies of data that may be locked by another process.
Phased migration capabilities
Enable phased migrations through data synchronization, keeping all of your users online and productive until you’re ready to cut over to the new server. You can perform full, incremental and differential copy jobs.
Migration scheduling
Schedule copy jobs to automatically take place during off hours or after an import is complete, even when you’re not there to babysit. You can even run tasks via batch files automatically before or after a migration job, saving time by automating tasks – such as starting a service – you would perform manually before or after the migration.
Command line-based execution
Execute and schedule jobs right from the command line, making Secure Copy fully accessible from batch files, runbook automation tools and other automation interfaces.
Job-import templates
Create multiple, consistent copy jobs from a single template, helping to ensure the best results every time.
User and file update utilities
Point home paths, profile paths and other data paths to the new server with ease. Update Utilities also migrate printers online, update hyperlinks and OLE links in Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, as well as update shortcuts to files, folders and computers. Secure Copy’s Update Utilities enable users to access all of their data quickly after the migration.
Predefined reports
Numerous predefined reports draw from Secure Copy’s detailed job logs, quickly summarizing the status and details of any data migration job.
Job status dashboard
Track job status with at-a-glance graphs and gauges, including performance, migration status by file type and more.
Post-migration reporting
Get post-migration statistics on migrated data, helping maintain the security and control needed even for highly regulated environments.


Server requirements

Supported management platforms
  • Windows Server® 2008 R2
  • Windows Server® 2008
  • Windows Server® 2012
  • Windows Server® 2012 R2
  • Windows® 10
  • Windows® 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows® 8 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Minimum system requirements

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later

User privilege requirementsIn order to use Secure Copy, a user must have administrative rights.

Detailed requirements

Download free trial to see the full list of system requirements.