SharePlex Bridge

Capture and export MPE transaction data in real time

Capture and export MPE transaction data in real time

SharePlex® Bridge is an exporting solution that acts as a bridge between MPE legacy systems and open systems to enable instantaneous, global transactions. By capturing MPE transaction data in real time or via a schedule, it allows open-system RDMSes like Informix, Sybase, CA-Ingres, and other popular file systems to access HP 3000 data.

It ensures data availability for applications running on Unix or Windows platforms through an open format and standard ASCII text. The ASCII text makes it easy for applications on open systems to fully understand sequence, timing, before- and after-record images, and transaction type. This eliminates costly errors in sequence handling and problems created by database changes.

SharePlex Bridge allows data movement from MPE to virtually any target data structure on any platform with the ability to integrate output into a custom application or any of the standard data warehousing or data movement tools.


  • Generates logs in ASCII formats automatically for easy access and processing by many industry-standard data movement tools
  • Associates data sets within a database, or within a single file, with a specific transaction or message file for real-time access
  • Maps time-sequenced transaction files to specific data file structures


  • Any HP 3000 computer with any HP-supported network
  • Additional HP-provided software required for some modules

Language supported:

  • US English