Advanced analytics, tailored to you

Easily achieve your analytic goals with the edition of Statistica that’s right for you.

Predict the future, optimize processes, reduce costs and increase revenue

Statistica Desktop – Get advanced analytics on your desktop.

Small Business Edition – Share metadata and assets across your business. Perform desktop processing.

Statistica Enterprise – This client server architecture provides the horsepower required for rapid decision making.

Statistica Decisioning Platform – Includes advanced deployment options, continuous process monitoring and real-time scoring.

CapabilityStatistica DesktopSmall Business EditionStatistica EnterpriseStatistica Decisioning Platform
One-stop shop UI to access more than 16,000 functions    
Data mining recipes, shortcuts, wizards    
Access to APIs and integration with R    
Customizable, reusable analytic workflow templates    
Common metadata repository    
User/role-based security    
Audit trails    
Performance and scalability
Multi-threaded procedures    
Server side processesing    
Data access and management
Access to file and ODBC compliant data sources    
Access to Microsoft® SharePoint®    
Customizable, reusable data configurations    
Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tools    
Specialized merging and aggregation tools for time series    
OSI PI connector    
Validated data entry    
Customizable graphics and reports    
Customizable dashboards    
Descriptive statistics and exploratory data analysis    
Data mining and machine learning algorithms    
Automated neural networks    
General linear models (GLM)    
Sequence, association and link analysis    
Stepwise model builder    
Text mining    
Weight of evidence    
Root-cause analysis    
Design of experiments    
Quality-control analytics    
Multivariate statistical process control    
Batch scoring    
Model deployment code generation (PMML, Java, C#, SQL, SAS)    
Business rules builder (conditional execution of models and rules, if/elseif/else)    
One-click deployment to operational systems    
Real-time monitoring and alerting    
Real-time live scoring    
Industry-specific analytics
Credit risk scorecard preparation and evaluation    
Validated analytics and reporting for regulated industries (FDA, IHC, SOX, Basel II)