Toad Multi-DB Suite

Multi-platform productivity tools that maximize your platform investments and minimize your learning curve

Utilize productivity tools database platforms, including Oracle, SQL Server and IBM DB2 LUW

Your database environment represents a significant investment. Don't make the mistake of choosing subpar free tools with limited support that will leave you fighting costly, time-consuming fires. Your critical technology necessitates a solution for multiple databases that’s fireproof.

Toad™ is the cross-platform database software solution that millions of database professionals have chosen to meet their needs. Toad is built for developers, database administrators and analysts. It provides you with the deep functionality to boost your productivity, whichever database platform you use.

Break away from the limitations associated with database tools that only cover database development and administration at a high level. You’ll gain expert support for Oracle, SQL Server, and IBM DB2 LUW or Sybase platforms — in a single, value-priced package.


Go beyond the basics with an unrivaled multi DB solution that provides:

  • Unmatched functional expertise for common DB platforms
  • Access to the Toad World community of users, over three million strong
  • Opportunities to provide feedback and interact directly with Toad developers
  • Easy collaboration with your team members
  • World-class support resources
  • Access to DB workload replay and what-if scenario testing
  • The ability to perform comprehensive DB health checks
  • Performance diagnostics and optimization that are fully integrated
  • The capability to validate SQL for maximum performance with our single–click proprietary technology
  • Automated task and workflow features
  • The power to execute multiple tasks and scripts across multiple DBs
  • The capability to forward and reverse engineer, as well as migrate schemas and models across DB platforms
  • The ability to easily compare and quickly synch data across DBs and platforms