Virtualization management

Optimize performance and improve capacity planning

Sustain strong performance and increase the accuracy of your capacity planning without adding complexity to your virtualized environment. Our virtualization management solutions provide you with end-to-everything visibility into the performance and availability of your virtual infrastructure, as well as zero-impact backup and recovery solutions and capacity planning tools for use across a wide range of components, including virtual and physical hosts, hypervisors, virtual machines, operating systems, and Microsoft® Active Directory® and Exchange systems. And with our virtualization management solutions, you’re able to keep your focus on the business, not on administrative tasks.

Virtualization management

Virtualization management


Manage, monitor and visualize your virtualized infrastructure and gain holistic insight into the health, risk and efficiency of your environment.

Virtual server performance and capacity management

Eight out of ten organizations today use more than one hypervisor. Our solutions offer the broadest, in-depth heterogeneous support for VMware, Hyper-V and OpenStack, making it easier for you to optimize the configuration, performance and utilization of your storage, hypervisors and guest virtual machines, as well as the applications running on them.

Virtualized application monitoring

Gain end-to-everything visibility into your virtual infrastructure that enables you to monitor at the hypervisor level, as well as across diverse, multi-platform environments. Get valuable insight into all areas around your virtualized applications, including Exchange, Active Directory, SQL Server, Oracle and others, to more easily identify, analyze and remediate performance issues before end users are impacted.

Virtual storage management

Simplify the planning and analysis of your storage infrastructure. Gain greater visibility into storage performance and utilization while you detect, diagnose and resolve potential issues, from the application layer through the virtualization layer to the physical disk spindle. Monitor and manage your underlying physical storage and leverage capacity and topology metrics to ensure optimal virtual machine performance and availability.

Virtual server protection

Recover your virtual server environment in minutes without impacting users. Our solutions for protecting data stored in virtual servers enable you to scale backup and restore capabilities based upon your organization’s needs while providing you with robust protection of your physical and virtual environments. Easily conduct high-speed backups and quickly recover servers, both on- and off-premises, without disrupting your production systems.

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