Dell Software Foglight APM 5.9: Introducing Big Data Repository/Reporting Supporting Web Analytics and User-Centric APM

On May 28, 2013, Dell Software Group announced the release of Foglight™ Application Performance Monitoring (APM) 5.9. The latest Foglight release combines deep visibility to transaction flows and User Experience with a variety of new product capabilities that capitalize on innovative Big Data technology. Focused on developing a customer-centric APM perspective, Foglight 5.9 introduces new “Transaction DNA” technology to the marketplace, along with a Transaction Trace repository that captures and stores user interactions with Web applications. The Big Data approach supports reporting from the user, transaction, and Web analytics perspectives.

These new capabilities solidly position Foglight as a leading player in today’s APM market. They also deliver a foundation for increasingly business-focused decision support in future releases, a stated goal of Foglight’s product management team.

This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) Impact Brief details the new capabilities and positions this release within a broader industry APM story.

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