Harness the Power of PowerShell with PowerGUI Pro

PowerShell is the preferred scripting language for Microsoft Windows administrators who are often not used to command-line scripting. Quest Software introduced PowerGUI® a graphical console that allows administrators to use PowerShell more effectively, by browsing PowerShell-enabled systems and quickly building PowerShell scripts to manage those systems. PowerGUI is freeware and is supported by a PowerShell user community.

In 2009, enterprise customers began asking for additional features and support, and Quest responded by releasing PowerGUI Pro in March 2010. PowerGUI Pro has all the features of the free version, plus three important addtional features:

  • MobileShell - enables administrators to access their systems remotely and securely via a web browser or smart phone
  • Version control integration - supports best-practice change management for production scripts
  • Technical support - provides access to Quest's professional support organization

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