How to Build Rich SharePoint Forms Quickly without Code


One of the most common SharePoint customization requirements is forms for rich data entry. But organizations quickly reach the limits of what they can do with out-of-the-box SharePoint forms. Custom coding may deliver more functionality, but it can introduce risks for both security and future platform upgrades. In addition, Microsoft finally announced that they are no longer investing in InfoPath. This news is sure to drive many organizations to consider an alternative method for building SharePoint forms. 

Fortunately, you can deliver the powerful SharePoint forms your organization needs, quickly and easily, with Dell’s code-free customization tool, Quick Apps for SharePoint. As this technical brief explains, Quick Apps forms are easily created, supported, maintained and upgraded — up to 80 percent faster and without custom development or InfoPath experience required. With Quick Apps, you can to meet your SLAs and keep your users happy.


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