Enabling Insight Through Analytics with Kitenga Analytics Suite


Today, companies focus greater and greater resources to ensure they are able to respond to changing market conditions, customer preferences and competitive threats in a timely manner. Today’s analytic technologies enable companies to respond to these changes faster and more effectively.

Analytics is about transforming data into meaningful that decisions makers can use to make appropriate changes to how they operate the business and respond to the market. Analytics is a collection of technologies that align with business needs and enable deep visibility into corporate data assets, while allowing iterative feedback to re-create reports based on needs, questions and market conditions.

Kitenga Analytics Suite from Dell Software is an advanced analytics toolkit that brings together natural language processing, machine learning, search and advanced visualization, connected by an integrated workbench meant for non-developer staff. Kitenga is a business enabling technology to provide access to big data to more staff who are closer to the business and the decision-making process. Learn more>>

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