Hollistic Optimization - Tuning in the Application Context

Hollistic Optimization - Tuning in the Application Context
  • Recorded Date:Sept 25, 2012
  • Event:On-Demand
Hollistic Optimization - Tuning in the Application Context

When it comes to performance tuning, people often look at very small parts of the application workload. This quickly provides easily measurable results – for example, “The elapsed time for this query was reduced by 30 percent.” But if the query in question is not the frequently used core application statement, the results do not mean that the application is now performing better. Most of the time, efficient performance optimization is more complex than that.

What you will learn

In this webcast, you’ll discover techniques for achieving the best possible performance in your environment. We’ll show you how to review the whole database workload to pinpoint where performance issues are coming from. We’ll also go over everything you need to look at, including:

  • The processes that happen inside the database
  • Contention issues that cause database bottlenecks
  • The wait events for instances and sessions
  • Statistics, execution plans, and runtime information for statements

Instead of fixing minor, unimportant performance issues that users may not even notice, we’ll show you how to look at the whole load context and triage the root causes of major problems to dramatically improve performance.

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