A UNIX/Linux/Mac Security Primer: Accounts, Delegation, Integration, Reporting



Today’s Unix-based organization faces more stringent compliance requirements, sophisticated threats and the need for interoperability with non-Unix systems — namely, Windows. Despite attempts to centralize Unix access and configuration, users are still required to repeat text-file changes on each system, or create workarounds with multiple scripts meant to distribute changes system-wide (with lackluster results).

What you will learn

Join Randy Franklin Smith for this special webcastto learn some Unix security configuration fundamentals, including:

  • How to configure local user accounts (etc./password and etc./shadow files)
  • How groups work in Unix
  • Methods for avoiding local accounts (NSS, NIS, PAM, Kerberos, LDAP)
  • How to avoid making everyone root (i.e., administrator) with sudo


In addition, Dell Senior Product Manager Jason Fehrenbach will talk about how you can both simplify and strengthen your Unix security management with Dell solutions.


Randy Franklin Smith

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