Application Virtualization: Powerful Delivery or Problematic Distraction?



A bigger and better cloud is within your reach

Virtualizing applications is on track to become the standard for automating desktop management. With virtualized apps, new software requests can become self-service installations, and uninstalling software only requires deleting a few files. Applications no longer have to impact (or corrupt) the configuration of the machines they’re installed to.


So why aren’t more people using app virtualization?

Platforms such as MicrosoftÒ App-V, CitrixÒ XenApp, VMwareÒ ThinApp, and SymantecÒ SWV have traditionally required a time-consuming repackaging process called “sequencing.” However, new automation solutions can now streamline – and greatly automate – this otherwise costly activity.

View this on-demand where our experts will explain the role of sequencing automation in app virtualization. Challenges include:


  • Which of my applications are best suited to a hosted, virtual or cloud deployment? 
  • What tools are required to test, remediate and convert my applications for the new target system(s)? 
  • Which challenges could cause pain for me?

With good sequencing tools and a few best practices, we’ll show you how you can enjoy powerful delivery in a once problematic desktop management activity.

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