Got Big Data? Learn Tricks to Combine Data from Traditional and Untraditional Sources



Remember the good old days when you got to work with nothing but traditional data sources? It probably feels like it was just last month when you had everything mastered. If only times were still so simple. Now, you’re not just dealing with ERP, relational, and other structured sources; you’re also working with big data, the cloud, BI metadata layers, and other unstructured data sources. And with more big-data projects popping up all the time, you need an easy way to combine all your data into a single view, so you can apply logic or rules to the combined set.

In this educational session, renowned big-data guru Guy Harrison will reveal tricks for using the Toad® Business Intelligence Suite to easily access, integrate, cleanse, and analyze data from nearly any source. You’ll discover how simple this solution makes it to join and work with data from all your different sources to dramatically improve decision making. 

You’ll also find out how one organization used the Toad Business Intelligence Suite to eliminate manual data extraction and manipulation processes, reduce business risks, and uncover valuable information that helped improve customer service.

New data sources shouldn’t mean new headaches. Don’t miss this chance to learn about the easiest way to work with data from both traditional and untraditional data sources.

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