High performance PL/SQL

High performance PL/SQL
  • Recorded Date:Sept 5, 2012
  • Event:On-Demand
High performance PL/SQL

Users can be demanding, but in this insight-packed session, renowned PL/SQL guru Steven Feuerstein will show you not only how to keep up, but also how to proactively ensure optimal application performance. With Steven’s proven advice, you’ll write successful applications that are correct, maintainable, and efficient.

What you will learn

You’ll walk away from this session with a deeper understanding of the most important techniques for improving PL/SQL performance. Plus, you’ll be able to identify opportunities for proactively applying these techniques to optimize the performance of your PL/SQL code – by an order of magnitude or more!

Steven will reveal tips for:

  • Leveraging data caching options in PL/SQL
  • Performing bulk SQL processing with BULK COLLECT and FORALL
  • Improving performance with table functions
  • Optimizing datatypes, including the LOG ERRORS feature, and SQL in PL/SQL
  • Taking advantage of improvements in Oracle 11g
  • And much more


Steven Feuerstein

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