Protecting Documents & Spreadsheets on File Servers, NetApp, EMC & SharePoint



There’s a wealth of sensitive information in documents and spreadsheets spread across your environment. In fact, this type of data – typically spreadsheets, Word and PDF docs – is more easily digestible, making it more valuable to bad guys or damaging if leaked to the press.

You need to have good audit trails over the unstructured data so that you can answer:

  • Who’s been viewing these files (that may contain confidential information)?
  • Who’s been modifying these files (integrity-sensitive information like financial reporting spreadsheets or human resource information)?
  • What access control changes have occurred on these files (e.g., permission changes)?

In this Randy Franklin Smith on-demand webcast, you will learn how to answer the above 3 questions with respect to Word and PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets, whether they are stored on Windows file servers, file appliances like EMC and NetApp, or SharePoint.

Randy will also explore the native auditing capabilities in Windows and SharePoint and explain why storing confidential information like HR documents on file servers is OK but why it’s better to store integrity-sensitive documents in SharePoint instead of in a shared folder.

At the end, Tim Sedlack from Quest will briefly demonstrate Quest ChangeAuditor for SharePoint, Windows File Servers, EMC and NetApp.

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