Be Prepared with a Doomsday Disaster Recovery Plan



Really bad things happen all over the world, and the temptation is to think they’ll never happen to your company.  Organizations have been affected by relatively small events—like errant Active Directory changes—or bigger events, like back-door attacks or natural disasters.  Your ability to fully and quickly recover from the complete destruction of a data center may spell either doom or success for your company’s future.

Bottom line is you need a good, solid disaster recovery plan so you’re prepared for anything. In this on-demand webcast, you’ll discover solutions that can help you:

  • Prevent downtime from small Active Directory events, like human errors or software failures
  • Bounce back quickly from large events with tools that can restore your entire domain or forest
  • Cover all the bases with domain, IP address and FISMO role reports, pre-and post-disaster
  • Stay compliant with internal policies and industry regulations
  • Test your disaster recovery plan annually with a virtual test lab that includes production data

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