Beyond Least Privilege: How to Grant Administrator Authority without Losing Control



Implementing “least privilege” is a worthy goal, but it’s also an unattainable ideal. In this webinar, learn methods and technologies that you can use for those cases when you have to allow full admin authority. You’ll see how to implement a multi-layered approach for limiting the risk of privileged account access through both preventive and detective/deterrent controls.

What you will learn

  • Privileged account check-in/check-out
  • Admin password management
  • Jump box session recording
  • Change auditing
  • Security logs
  • Architectural considerations to avoid common pitfalls


Randy Franklin Smith, Windows security guru, and Jonathan Sander, Quest Software identity and access management expert

You’ll also hear briefly from IAM expert Jonathan Sander about how Quest One Identity Solutions can help you manage privileged accounts and activities.

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