Ten Reasons You Absolutely Need a Reporting Solution for Active Directory to Pass Audits, Be Secure and Reduce Costs



You need good reporting to keep your Active Directory (AD) environment secure, compliant and cost-efficient. Unfortunately, AD has limited native reporting functionality.

Listen to Randy Franklin Smith in this archived webcast and discover how an effective reporting tool reduces costs and saves time by:

  • Simplifying Active Directory management
  • Accelerating the response-to-audit requests
  • Providing visibility into your users and groups
  • Strengthening the security of your Active Directory environment

Brian Hymer, Quest Solutions Architect, will also introduce you to Quest Reporter, an innovative tool that decreases daily management workload by automating data collection and report generation for Active Directory.

Be prepared to show your boss how an automated reporting tool can save time and money, as well as protect your Windows infrastructure.


Randy Franklin Smith

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