Active Directory Recovery: A Survey of Microsoft Active Directory Users

IT disasters are both unpredictable and inevitable, but this recent survey shows that, not only are IT organizations unprepared to cope with disaster recovery, but, even more alarming, management is less aware than frontline employees of the number and types of Active Directory incidents or disasters in their infrastructure, not to mention the associated risks to the business.

Review the survey results and explore key findings, including:

  • 87 percent of respondents said they have had incidents or disasters with Active Directory. However, only 41 percent said they have a robust disaster recovery plan in place.
  • 45 percent said they don’t test or have a regular testing schedule for their disaster recovery plan, either because of difficulty in setting up the testing environment, or because they don’t have the resources to run the test.
  • 66 percent of respondents said they are reluctant to make major changes to applications that use AD because they don’t have a valid environment in which to test the changes first.

Survey was conducted by Dimensional Research.

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