Beyond web analytics

Web analytics solutions have become an indispensable tool for e-commerce, but they typically only provide partial visibility into the actual customer experience. Download this paper to see how you can not only determine what’s happening on your web site, but why it’s happening.

See how Foglight User Experience Management provides the visibility you need into the why of customer behavior. Both line-of-business owners and the IT staff benefit. Line-of-business owners can leverage the increased visibility to quickly identify sources of customer frustration and work with the IT staff to eliminate them. IT staff can leverage the increased visibility provided by Foglight User Experience Management to gain insight into the root causes of problems, speeding problem diagnosis and repair.

Insight into the why behind the what of online customer behavior enables line of business owners and IT to collaborate more easily and more effectively. That keeps customer experience positive, which translates into increased revenues and higher profitability.

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