Business Brief: Making Your Job—and the Job of Compliance—Easier Than You Ever Imagined

Do you know how easy it is to expose your business to significant security and compliance risks? Do you know, for example, how easily a hospital can inadvertently disclose patient records, or a retailer or bank can inadvertently publish customers’ credit card numbers or other financial records?

The answer is: pretty darn easy. Today’s operating systems, database management systems, and enterprise applications are so complicated and flexible that clicking the wrong button or checking the wrong box in their interfaces can cause a security breach. In fact, it’s so easy to improperly configure security, change key database schemas, or give access to the wrong mailbox that it happens by accident thousands of times every single day across the world.

In all likelihood, your environment has many improperly configured resource permissions right now. And of course, if any of these problems turns into a disaster, you will be held responsible—and blamed for your organization’s compliance shortcomings.

This business brief first presents the challenges of securing your environment and ensuring compliance in today’s economy. It then discusses why the traditional manual approach is ineffective and offers a better approach that allows you to achieve compliance and improve operational efficiency with the same budget dollar.

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