See how you can achieve the highest levels of Oracle database availability.

Guaranteeing near-perfect availability of your Oracle databases as you adopt and migrate to converged infrastructures is a sure bet when you follow a few key best practices. This white paper, written by DCIG analyst Jerome Wendt, outlines the key steps to protecting the Oracle databases that are critical to your organization. Get your copy of the report today, and discover new ways to:

  • Get the most out of native Oracle database data management and protection utilities 
  • Identify backup software that works hand-in-hand with native Oracle database utilities 
  • Generate RMAN scripts automatically using backup software
  • Simplify review and “blessing” of RMAN scripts Oracle DBAs review and “bless” the RMAN scripts 
  • Optimize role-based backup administration

The best practices in this white paper are must-haves in today’s IT environment, especially as companies continue the trend of consolidating hardware and software systems, often into just one team. Get your copy today.

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