Enterprise Best Practices for Real Time Auditing and Event Archival

With data being generated at a record-setting pace, it’s never been more critical for your organization to properly manage it.

But, that can be difficult to do. After all, your data can be used for auditing, regulatory compliance, long-term capacity planning, business analysis and countless other applications.

This white paper offers insights into how to intelligently collect, organize and store data – and efficiently extract specific information.

In the process, it addresses common concerns, such as how to:

  • Centrally store data to optimize resources
  • Implement the appropriate type of security
  • Collect the right level of detail for each event
  • Correlate and analyze massive amounts of data to meet business requirements
  • Derive intelligence and reporting from the data quickly and efficiently
  • Save abstracted data and reports
  • And more

You’ll also learn about software tools that can help you tackle the challenges of Big Data, and accomplish more in less time.

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