Mergers and Acquisitions: Controlling Impacts on Active Directory and Exchange

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, organizations are often faced with mergers or acquisitions to remain competitive. Government organizations and agencies often need to merge whenever a political change comes into effect and restructures governmental services. Both situations demand a restructuring of underlying infrastructures such as Active Directory and Exchange email systems. 

There are three possible approaches:

  1. Keep the existing infrastructures in place as is and synchronize directory and email contents.
  2. Move all data from one or more structures into another existing structure from one of the merging parties.
  3. Move to a completely new structure — one that is developed to meet the needs of the new organization being developed.

In each case, you need to think out the procedure and develop a surefire strategy.This white paper thoroughly discusses how to use the right combination of tools and processes to protect your core network operating system during these situations. 

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