KuppingerCole whitepaper "Migrating Sun Identity Manager to Quest One Identity Manager"

This whitepaper from the analyst KuppingerCole focuses on the Sun Identity Manager (SIM) product, now also known as Oracle Waveset Identity Management and historically as Waveset Lighthouse. This product has an officially defined end-of-life which causes customers to evaluate their migration options.  

Within that process it is important to understand the impact, challenges, consequences, and especially the opportunities of migrating existing provisioning systems. The latter – opportunities – is a key aspect. The role of Identity Provisioning within the overall Identity and Access Management/Governance (IAM/IAG) architecture has changed over the last years. Aspects of Access Governance, Data Governance, and user involvement play a far larger role than ever before. Thus it typically is not about performing a 1:1 migration of an existing infrastructure but to use the opportunity of reaching the next level of maturity in the IAM/IAG deployment. This document thus provides comprehensive information on opportunities in migrating to Quest One Identity Manager.

 The purpose of this document is to provide the facts and consequences regarding a migration from SIM (and its variants) to Quest One Identity Manager and related components. It is meant as a source of information on what to look at specifically when taking into account that migration option. Notably it does not imply that this is the only or favored option for migration. It is one viable option for many organizations. Nevertheless, the migration target and future architecture have to be carefully evaluated beforehand. The definition of a target architecture, requirements, and following this performing a structured evaluation process is mandatory to pick the solution of choice.

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