Office 365 – Bringing Enterprise-Class Cloud Email Capabilities to the Masses

 “Faster, better, cheaper.” Typically, when we see those words they’re part of some unbelievable sales pitch. However, those are the exact testimonials many custom­ers give when they migrate from their current system to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based messaging and collab­oration solution.

The growing cost of an email infrastruc­ture, given its criticality to business, is an ongoing concern for any company. More and more organizations are finding that hosting email themselves while delivering the required levels of functionality and availability is becoming impos­sible.

In this whitepaper, we’ll look how you might benefit from a cloud-based or hybrid email solu­tion in terms of functionality, availability, and cost savings. By the end of the whitepaper, you’ll understand what the Office 365 mail offering consists of, what it offers, how it will benefit you, and how you get there.

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