PowerShell in the Enterprise: Best Practices and Recommendations

With the arrival of Windows PowerShell 2.0, PowerShell is on the brink of widespread enterprise adoption. Microsoft‘s Common Engineering Criteria dictates that new server and product management tools must be based on Windows PowerShell, so it‘s not a question of if companies will be using PowerShell, only a matter of when.

The challenge facing many organizations, though, is to properly manage PowerShell so that it is secure,easy to use, and effective. This white paper discusses the role of PowerShell in the IT environment, describes how to benefit from PowerShell, and suggests best practices for PowerShell scripting.

About the Author: Jeffery Hicks (MCSE,MCSA,MCT) is a Microsoft MVP and an IT veteran with almost 20 years of experience.  Jeff is a moderator at ScriptingAnswers.com. You can follow Jeff at jdhitsolutions.com/blog and twitter.com/jeffhicks. 

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