TDWI Best Practices Report: Managing Big Data

TDWI Best Practices Report: Managing Big Data

Discover how your organization can fully leverage big data, not merely manage it, when you read this eye-opening report from TDWI. You’ll learn about the many options that are available for big data management (BDM), including traditional, new, and upcoming approaches. This report will bring you up to date, so you can make intelligent decisions about which tools, techniques, and team structures to apply to your next-generation solutions for BDM.

Read it now to gain expert guidance that will help you:

·         Improve analytic insights.

·         Create complete analytic data sets.

·         Join big data with traditional data.

·         Achieve greater success with all sales and marketing activities.

·         Overcome common BDM barriers, including low organizational maturity relative to big data, weak business support, and the need to learn new technologies.

·         Enable new applications, like those for managing mobile assets, and extend older applications, especially those for fraud, risk, and customer segmentation.

·         Gain a deeper understanding of the organizational, technical, and analytical best practices for BDM success.

·         Position your organization to take advantage of future trends in BDM.

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