Forrester Consulting independent study: The total economic impact of Dell’s Toad® for Oracle Solutions

This in-depth commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, uncovers how one large Oracle shop saved more than $49 million in five years by equipping its developers, DBAs, and analysts with Toad®. This study breaks down the quantifiable results Toad delivered – from enabling the organization to hire less experienced DBAs to dramatically increasing employee productivity − and how these and other benefits generated a risk-adjusted return on investment of 2,677 percent. This study also explores the unquantifiable, yet equally important, advantages Toad provides, such as increasing database professionals’ job satisfaction and, therefore, employee retention rates. 

Whether you’re an IT manager looking to reduce costs and increase your team’s agility, or a database professional who wants to make a strong case for getting a Toad license to simplify your work, you’ll get the information you need by downloading this eye-opening report.

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