Top 10 Tips for Optimizing SQL Server Performance


Read “Top Ten Tips for Optimizing SQL Server Performance”by SQL Server experts Patrick O'Keeffe and Richard Douglas, where they discuss 10 of the most important things you should know about SQL Server performance. Each item is a nugget of practical knowledge that you can immediately apply to your environment.

With this valuable advice, you’ll be able to:

10. Facilitate comparisons of workload behavior with benchmarking.
9. Use performance counters to quickly get useful information about currently running operations.
8. Understand why changing server settings usually yields limited returns.
7. Identify performance bottlenecks quickly with DMVs.
6. Learn to use SQL Profiler and traces.
5. See why SANs are more than just I/O.
4. Prevent cursors and other bad T-SQL from returning to haunt applications.
3. Maximize plan reuse for better SQL Server caching.
2. Read the SQL Server buffer cache and how to minimize cache thrashing.
1. Master indexing by learning how indexes are used and how to counteract the characteristics of bad indexes.

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